Languages for Arts

Sun 8th July 2018.jpg

Thank you for reading my articles, either you're a flamenco fan, ballet fan or other type of art enthusiast.

For me, writing is another form of performing art, whether it's in my native language of Japanese or a foreign one, requiring certain linguistic skills for expressing thought.

As you now know, I'm a bit of flamenco geek, but... I'm also a bit of language nerd. The first foreign language I became fluent (C2 level) was British English.

Then I picked Spanish mainly for flamenco, while brushing up French which I'd briefly studied before. Still far from fluent though, I'm enjoying the learning process.

During the lockdown, I've decided to spend time on language learning, as well as maintaining flamenco-related skills.

I'm currently using Twitter as a little diary of my language learning, although it's not the best platform to do so. When I find a better platform, I'd like to shift to it, and share the information with you, hoping to connect with other language nerds or polyglots who are also interested in flamenco and arts :)

In the meantime, please feel free to find me on Twitter, as I'm trying to write in some different languages I'm currently studying, as well as English.

I'm hoping, some day, to be able to express my views on flamenco and arts in those target languages too, however slow the process would be. The most important thing when learning a language is enjoy the process, just like dancing.