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Celebrating Dance, for Parkinson’s and for everyone

English National Ballet is a national asset not only in its name - not simply being a leading ballet company to offer professional shows across the country, they are also contributing to social welfare through dance.

One of their projects, Dance for Parkinson’s programme, is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. As of now, we might ‘know’ the benefits of dance to certain mental or physical disorders; dancing can stimulate our mind, improve physicality and enrich social lives, etc… but 10 years ago when ENB officially started this project, it was still an innovative idea. ENB is definitely one of the first dance companies that has enlightened us with such an insight.

To celebrate the decade anniversary, an exhibition is currently open to the public in the newly established home of ENB, located in East London. London isn’t, however, the only place in England where the project itself has taken place; the classes of Dance for Parkinson’s have reached Cardiff, Ipswich, Liverpool, Oxford, and even online. The geographical extension shows their level of dedication to this project.

On top of the exhibition, we can also see a new short dance film ‘Momenta’ on YouTube, in which dancers with the condition expressively perform the choreography made by Ruth Brill. To those dancers, dance isn’t a tool of therapy but an artform to fulfill their lives. At least in the dancing, they are not patients but artists. Watching the beautifully made film, you will genuinely be inspired by their energy, confidence and artistry. They prove the simple fact - dancing is certainly for everyone.

Momenta: 10th Anniversary of Dance for Parkinson’s | English National Ballet

Dance for Parkinson’s Exhibition


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