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Cultural Diversity at Dance Around the World 2022

While watching a professional performance in the theatre can be good, actually performing in an event can make it better for some. Dance Around the World gives us the choices of both - we can not only observe a diverse range of dance performances from all over the world, but also get a taster of such dances.

This year, DATW is held on 19th and 20th March with a variety of programmes, including English, Iberian, Hungarian, Jamaican, Indian dances, to name but a few. While many dance groups appear in front of the audience in turns, there are also dance workshops of different genres in which you can have taster classes.

The Cecil Sharp House, the home of English Folk Dance and Song Society, opens its doors to multicultural traditional dances during the festival, raising awareness of folk cultures, dances and music from different countries. In this video, you can not only enjoy a clip of English country dancing but also briefly view the main dance hall in the beautiful building of Cecil Sharp House:

What is English Country Dancing?

As society heads for sophistication, digital advances and individualism, we tend to decrease such opportunities to enjoy rich folk cultures, even of the country where we live. DATW will remind us of the sense of community through communal dance and music, while joyously immersing us in cultural diversity. You might even be able to find your new hobby and interest, through which you could make life-long friends. It could be Spanish, or Greek, or Scottish or other, but whatever clicks as your favourite dance, it will enrich your cultural life.

Dance Around the World - 19th & 20th March 2022


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