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Embracing Rainy Days - ‘La Gata Bajo La Lluvia’ and Flamenco

Spain usually reminds us of the sun, the brightness and the blue sky - but it also (apparently) rains, just like life has ups and downs. While the wet weather makes us feel somewhat gloomy, rhythmic raindrops from the grey sky could also bring artistic inspiration to fulfil our mind.

‘La Gata Bajo La Lluvia’

‘La Gata Bajo La Lluvia’ (the cat under the rain) is probably the best known Spanish song related to such weather. In the lyrics, the woman who tearfully lost her love identifies herself with a drained-wet, miserable cat in the rainwater. Although sad and heartbroken, the beautiful melody offers a radiating, embracing soundscape, sensing a hope for life to be brightened up again.

Since its release in 1981, the song has permeated the heart of Spain through the sensual and emotional artistry of Rocío Dúrcal:

‘La Gata Bajo La Lluvia’ by Rocío Dúrcal

Soaked in flamenco positivity

This classic pop song still continues to inspire many artists in Spanish-speaking countries. In flamenco, for example, Soni López interpreted it in the style of Tangos when she appeared on Canal Sur. It was also arranged in Alegrías through the warm voice of Ana Fargas in her live performance in Estepona. When reincarnated in flamenco, this song sprinkles a positive air and an attitude of resilience in life.

‘La Gata Bajo La Lluvia’ by Soni López (Tangos) - the year unknown

‘La Gata Bajo La Lluvia’ by Ana Fargas (Alegrías) - recorded in 2020

We say ‘it rains cats and dogs’, but it’d be more poetic and tender to see yourself in the position of the vulnerable, have an imagination and resilience for the moment of hardship. While we can’t avoid rainy days, we can cultivate our mind even under the weather - we just hope that it doesn’t rain too much!


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