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Excited Emotions like Water for Chocolate

To most British citizens and residents, 2nd June this year is the beginning of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend. To dance fans, there is another exciting event to look forward to for this date - it’s the opening night of the new ballet by the award-winning choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, ‘Like Water For Chocolate’.

Since its publication in Mexico in 1989, Laura Esquivel’s novel has enchanted worldwide audiences not only in the form of literature in different languages but also through the film adaptation released in 1992. The film left such a strong impression on the young Wheeldon, who, 30 years later, is going to present his ballet version of this sensual story on the luxurious stage of the Royal Opera House.

‘Like Water for Chocolate’ Trailer

On 27th May, a week prior to the opening night, the ROH uploaded three videos of the insight events recorded in April, featuring talks and rehearsals of this new work. Even though the production was still in progress, I was nearly moved to tears by watching the segments of expressive choreography. Just like the emotions of the main character, Tita, are transferred into her cooking to penetrate the senses of those who tasted it, the richness, vividness and profoundness of the original novel has beautifully transformed to dance movements by the capable hands of Wheeldon through the talents of Royal Ballet dancers, who expressively convey the characters, their narratives as well as emotions, as if you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste their joys, passions, sorrows and pains to the deep core of your souls.

While you can enjoy the beauty and artistry of many splendid dancers, musicians and staff in the rehearsal clips, I was especially impressed by Laura Morera, cast as Mama Elena, who controls the life of Tita with the bond of Mexican family traditions. Among all the wonderful dancers at the Royal Ballet, Laura is surely a true artist and a core figure among the amazing cast.

Feeling already touched by only watching parts of the rehearsals, I can’t imagine how much I can retain my emotions when I see the completed work in the Royal Opera House… As the original Spanish phrase ‘como agua para chocolate’ indicates, this production will possibly stimulate our emotions to overflow.

The tickets I bought are not for the opening night, but I’m so convinced that I’ll love the production already, and also looking forward to seeing it again with the first cast in the cinema, scheduled for next year.

Like Water for Chocolate - Royal Opera House


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