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Happy Birthday, Maribel

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

10th July this year would have been the 77th birthday of our beloved dancer and teacher, Maribel La Manchega, who was adored by so many.

As she is still greatly missed from the London flamenco community, on this page I’d like to make a birthday tribute for her with messages from some of her students and colleagues. Maribel’s daughter, Melanie, kindly approved of this idea and even provided me with some precious photos that you can see here.

Thank you very much to all of you who contributed with lovely messages and photos. Most of you knew Maribel longer and better than me who joined her class very late, so I’m aware that you have fonder, deeper and more memories with her than me - I really appreciate your kindness and generosity to allow me to organise this project.

You’re in our hearts forever - Happy Birthday, Maribel xxxxx

(the photo from her daughter Melanie)


Thinking of our wonderful flamenco teacher Maribel la Manchega on her birthday, how much joy she brought to us all through her gift of dance.

A true role model.

Gracias por su generosidad y arte querida Maribel.

Siân xx

(the photo from her daughter Melanie)

Happy Birthday Sweet Maribel

Will always have Happy Memories and always remembered in our hearts forever

Your Birthday BQs were brilliant and can still see you there in the garden

Your spirit flies on in our lives and 'feet' tapping away to dance music

Your Passion will always be here

XXX Veronica, Mum and Sotiris

(the photo from her daughter Melanie)

Maribel's gift - focus, elevate, generosity of spirit, compassion and laughter. All within the arms of love.

We all miss her and feel how huge her gift to us has been.

Love Sallie

(the photo from her student Loo)

Remembering Maribel,

The most special, magical, generous person ever!!!

Missed everyday

Haskey (Carol) xxx

(the photo from her student Antony)

Hi Maribel

Wishing you a most wonderful Birthday.

Thinking about all our past memories and dancing Sevillanas with you on a River Boat fills me with joy and happiness.

You were an amazing dancer and delighted and inspired many people.

As a teacher you were one of the greatest.

Celebrate in style.

Lots of love

Conchita del Campo

(the photo from her student Antony)


(If I missed your message that was submitted, or if you would like to add one, please kindly let me know through the contact form - I will update the page accordingly)

Maribel La Manchega (28th June 2020)

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