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Invitation to an Illustrative Christmas - Illustrators’ Fair 2021

Illustrators’ Fair LIVE!

After experiencing the hard-hit year of 2020, Illustrators’ Fair is finally back as a ‘real’ event on Saturday 18th December 2021 in King’s Cross, London, with over 100 passionate artists.

(Flyer by Mykadelica)

The creators in different illustration styles offer limited edition artworks in formats of prints, cards, accessories, toys, clothes and more, in their unique artistic styles. Considering it as an arty Christmas market, it’ll be the best place to find unconventional yet stylish Christmas cards and gifts alike to treat your loved ones.

Mykadelica (my husband) will present his latest works including varieties of stickers and personalised Christmas cards. On site he’ll also prepare some surprises which might include an item to please flamenco lovers!

'What's under the tree?' by Mykadelica

You can have a taster on the official Instagram and Facebook pages (the links below) where the participants posted their original flyers. If you can pop in to browse their colourfully decorated stalls in person, please show your support to those local artists who have worked so hard for this one-day festivity - wishing everyone success and Merry Christmas :)

Mykadelica (blog)

Illustrators’ Fair LIVE!

@Illustratorsfair on Instagram

Illustrator’s Fair on Facebook (private group - you can send a membership request)


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