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My little playlist - Sevillanas for chilling (2)

In the flamenco circle, April is apparently the month of ‘Feria de Abril’, when flamenco enthusiasts gather in a fiesta setting, often dressed up in colourful feria dresses and costumes, to enjoy dancing to the music of Sevillanas.

Despite the convention that Sevillanas are meant for joyous dancing in pairs, last year I listed a few Sevillanas songs for chilling, so that we could appreciate the music itself instead of focusing on the specific dancing steps and boisterous party mood. Although it’s surely enjoyable to dance together, we can also genuinely cherish the quality of Sevillanas music when it’s arranged and performed in an elegant style.

Here, I’ve selected some Sevillanas tracks which we could enjoy just listening to. Of course, you can also stand up and start dancing to them, if you prefer that way. In any case, I hope you’ll re-discover the beauty of the music with or without dancing :)

Kiki Morente

Niña Pastori

Camarón de la Isla

Estrella Morente

Miguel Poveda

Alba Molina

Sevillanas for chilling - Jazz Appreciation Month (4)


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