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Searching for an artistic breakthrough

You may or may not have noticed, but I have been absent from this website for weeks, despite my original plan to upload a post weekly. I’ve been under business files of other commitments that occupied most of my mind and energy, which even involved quite a few international travels. To put it simply, I was busy.

Feeling tired every day, I almost forgot how to encourage myself to look for artistic inspirations… This led to a lack of motivation in finding an attracting topic to delve into.

Being nearly drowned in business life, I just managed to maintain weekly routines to practise in the studio, as though that was the only hinge to hook myself onto the wardrobe of flamenco and arts. Looking at myself in the mirror in the dance studio helped me to remind myself of my artistic side still remaining, which could’ve been dismissed otherwise.

Yes… the artistic side of me was about to disappear in the fog of other business. I wasn’t sure if I should rather let it go, or if I still wanted to guard it. And if I still wanted to keep it, how, and how much? At least I feel refreshed and recovered after dancing and exercising in the studio, so… I think I still want to be a sort of dancer.

To whatever degree, if I’d like to stand as an artist, I might need well-experienced artistic partners…? I also might need a venue to organise a gig, which can be supportive rather than money-driven…? I’m still searching for answers. Hopefully my artistic life still continues in some way.


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