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Sevillanas for chilling - Jazz Appreciation Month (4)

Apart from the Jazz Appreciation Month, April was supposed to mark another important social event in Spanish culture: Feria de Abril. Local people and flamenco enthusiasts would dress up and gather to enjoy the festive atmosphere, especially dancing Sevillanas.

Even though I miss the energy and vibe of such an event, which I used to enjoy a lot, I currently prefer to relax after having the first vaccination of corona virus… While still resting, I’ll share some jazz-arranged Sevillanas to chill, celebrating both the Feria and JAM. I hope you’ll discover the charm of the music when it’s not intended for dancing.

Please stay safe everyone.

Flamenco Jazz Company - Sevillanas del Lavapiés

Sevillanas del Siglo XVIII

Chicuelo in Solera Flamenca ‘Cuatro Costaos’ (Sevillanas)


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