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Spicing up this Christmas with sugar and cinnamon - ‘Con Azúcar y Canela’

As the cold weather kicks in...

Having a flying start of Christmas as in every year, London is already full of festive illuminations and colourful decorations. In terms of flamenco, it’s the recurring season of Villancicos.

To be honest, it’s been freezing in London this weekend (even more so in other parts of the UK), and I definitely feel like staying in…maybe you too? If so, I hope that the folksy tones of Villancicos in flamenco style can make us feel warm at home even in the cold weather...

As I’ve already featured Villancicos in general last year (the link below), I’ll pick up a particular song this time: ‘Con Azúcar y Canela’.

Spicing up our spirit

Some people might associate this song with the powerful voice of the great singer Isabel Pantoja. She interpreted this beautiful tune in her album ‘Mi Navidad Flamenca’ in 2003. Sharing the common theme of Christmas carols to celebrate the birth of the holy child, ‘Con Azúcar y Canela’ (with sugar and cinnamon) has a distinctively warm flavour in the velvety musical tone, just as the title suggests:

‘Con Azúcar y Canela’ by Isabel Pantoja (2003)

Although her passionate singing gives us such a strong impression, this song was originally released by Vicente Soto “Sordera”, one of the most respected cantaores from Jerez de la Frontera, as a part of the compilation album ‘Navidad Gitana’ (Gipsy Christmas):

‘Navidad Gitana’ (2000)

(This album also features other famous artists such as Niña Pastori, Remedios Amaya, etc., each offering various flamenco Christmas carols)

In the video below, he was performing this flavoursome Villancico in ‘Zambomba’, a fiesta style, generously sharing his prestigious artistry with his locals - you probably wish you were there:

‘Con Azúcar y Canela’ by Vicente Soto “Sordera”

Just like using sugar and cinnamon to spice up a warm drink, let’s enjoy this delicious song to spice up our spirit this winter - hopefully we’ll feel brave and energetic enough to go out in the cold air next day :)

Vicente Soto “Sordera”

Un poquito de flamencology 3 - Villancicos (20th Dec 2020)

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