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Thinking on Singing on the World Singing Day

Did you know that World Singing Day happens on the 3rd Saturday in October every year? I didn’t, but this realisation gave me a chance to reflect upon the significance of singing, at the timing of the UK second lockdown.

World Singing Day

World Singing Day was launched by a musician Scott Johnson in 2012 to celebrate the common humanity through the power of singing, bringing people together from all around the world. The participants are simply encouraged to sing together, regardless of their singing ability, gender, race, nationality, age, religion, or any other superficial differences. This year, due to the pandemic, it seems many participants joined the event online.

Singing is probably the most fundamental element of music. Since your body itself is the instrument, the sensation you gain would be more direct than playing other instruments. I’m sure most of us know how singing aloud affects our feeling and mood - singing or pushing our voice out loud is sometimes the best way to release our energy. Singing with someone or in a group would also give you collective inspiration.

I’m not a singer myself, but I love listening to my type of music (mostly flamenco) and watching musicals. One of the most memorable singing performances I witnessed was in the West End musical ‘Wicked’. The soaring energy of the song ‘Defying Gravity‘ blew me away, and I was instantly spellbound with tears in my eyes. Since the first lockdown, we miss this kind of direct theatre experience.

Singing is fundamental

During the pandemic, singing is probably the worst hit area of music and arts. Singers are forced to be more cautious than other performers, and the audiences might feel uneasy if live singing happens indoors without sufficient protections. As much as we’re eager to have live music back and want to support musicians including singers, it’s ironic and very sad that we still need to be concerned about the safety level of live singing.

In the world of flamenco too, we’re put in such an ambiguous situation regarding live singing in an indoor venue. It’s unfortunate considering the fact that the art of flamenco wouldn’t have emerged without singing, and a flamenco show can’t be complete without a live singer. We’re still in the process of proposing a safe flamenco show without worry...

Just like the philosophy of World Singing Day, we remain in solidarity to sing along in our heart with singers, musicians and theatre workers, until the day when we can safely enjoy live singing of any genre, sharing the same time and same space.

West End Men Sing Defying Gravity

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World Singing Day


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