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Yumi La Blanca

Dancer, sometimes Musician, sometimes Writer

I am a flamenco performer based in London, UK – known for being a dancer who also plays cajon, or vice versa. Having been bitten by the flamenco bug in 2002, I am yet to recover.


I was fortunate enough to be the last student of the legendary flamenco dancer, Maribel La Manchega, who was, along with the guitarist Paco Peña, Joint Honorary President of the Peña Flamenca de Londres. I have been a committee member of the Peña since 2013.

Along with dancing at several Spanish restaurants and local Spanish festivals, I have also curated some flamenco shows, including ‘Pasos de Transición’ in 2018, in collaboration with another London-based flamenco dancer, Sam Quy.


Though my passion is rooted in flamenco, my interests in arts branch out to various other art forms. Since I have been equipped with postgraduate academic training in Japan and the UK, my writer’s side tends to see inspirations as well as logic in arts.

I am also a certified massage therapist (my qualification includes ITEC Level 3 Full Body Massage) and trying to incorporate flamenco-related exercises for the concept of wellbeing.

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