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Illustrators’ Fair returns - the peaceful excitement of a virtual festivity

The week of artistic celebration has just kicked off - when the London Design Festival reigns over London from 18th to 26th September, there are also many satellite events happening at the same time in the city of London as well as in online platforms, decorating the festivity. Illustrators’ Fair returns as one of such virtual events, supporting over 100 contemporary illustrators including Mykadelica (aka my husband).

The new project

This time, he has an exciting new project - in his Instagram feed, Mykadelica will reveal a new design of sticker every day, one by one, starting on 19th September, like an advent calendar. The variety of those images show his versatility and wide-ranging interests. Maybe the best word to describe is ‘psychedelic’ but I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Each sticker can be bought individually or as a package if you like any of those. My personal favourite might be the one with a penguin, but not in a normal style!

The peaceful excitement

As there are so many aspiring as well as established creators participating in Illustrators' Fair, you could discover at least one, or hopefully more, artists to suit your taste. For the event itself, what I wrote for their Christmas version would still apply, even more now:

‘While many event organisers inevitably shifted to online platforms this year, illustration is probably the art genre which is relatively suitable to such an online form of exhibition. Not having to stroll among the stalls and wade through the crowds, we can calmly scroll down the feed on our devices to enjoy so many inspiring artworks and artists. It’s peaceful, but the visual fun is still there.’

If you feel a little tired and confused by the massive crowds in some central streets as well as social venues (like me…), Illustrators’ Fair is not only a great comfort to embrace the arts in peace, but also an opportunity for us to support emerging artists. These nine days are a gift for us to celebrate creativity, peacefully but with excitement.

@Mykadelica on Instagram

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