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La Saeta al Cristo de los Gitanos

This year’s ‘Semana Santa’ started in Spain on 10th April. During the holy week, many Saeta singers dedicate their voices to worship their god through singing. While there are numerous traditional Saetas, we’re going to feature one of the most popular ones in flamenco, ‘La Saeta al Cristo de los Gitanos’.

Considering this Saeta is now iconic in Andalusia, it emerged as a celebrated encounter between Andalusian and Catalan cultures. Antonio Machado, a poet from Seville, left the legacy of the poem ‘La Saeta’ in his book ‘Campos de Castilla’ (1912), which was later given a musical composition by Joan Manuel Serrat, a renowned Catalan musician, as a part of the tribute album to the poet ‘Dedicado a Antonio Machado, poeta’ in 1969. Officially entitled as the same as the original poetry ‘La Saeta’, it has also been known as ‘La Saeta al Cristo de los Gitanos’, reflecting the contents of the lyrics.

By Joan Manuel Serrat himself:

The song has gained wide popularity and also been interpreted by some famous flamenco singers.

By Argentina in a traditional marching rhythm:

By Camarón de la Isla in the style of Bulerías:

Assimilating the historical hardship of gypsies with the suffering of Jesus, the poet saw a hope as in the belief of the miracle of Christ’s walking over the ocean. During this Semana Santa, we can immerse ourselves in the richness and profoundness of Saetas, sharing our belief in the power of arts.

Walking in compás at Semana Santa


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