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Spanish Experience in London’s Theatreland - Taste and Sound of Opera Tavern

Walking down Bow Street in Covent Garden and passing the exquisite building of Royal Opera House, you will notice a little parallel street beckoning you. While the gorgeous architecture of Theatre Royal Drury Lane on the corner of the street will immediately catch your eye, you will also find Opera Tavern, a friendly Spanish and Italian tapas bar, welcoming you from the opposite side of the same Catherine Street.

Opera Tavern is a part of the Salt Yard group, founded by Sanja Moll and Simon Mullins, who have brought the authentic gastronomy of Spain and Italy over to London. Hence, Opera Tavern specialises in both Spanish and Italian-inspired dishes, complemented with a good selection of wine, as well as other signature seasonal drinks.

Along with traditional tapas such as padron peppers, croquetas, patatas bravas, etc., they also offer exciting original menus. I’ve tried their unique ‘nduja scotch egg’, which has a dazzling and appetising look. It was delicious with a hint of spiciness of nduja meat from Italy. At Opera Tavern you’ll be served with quality dishes guaranteed.

Sound of Spain - every Wednesday

This June, Opera Tavern has launched two fascinating cultural projects. The first one is called ‘Sound of Spain’, an entertainment of live flamenco guitar music for dining customers. On the opening night of Wednesday 7th June, Tony ‘El Despeinao’, one of London's favourite flamenco guitarists, enchanted not only the customers but also the busy bar staff. His crispy flamenco guitar sound, sometimes sombre, sometimes upbeat, filled the air of the cosy downstairs bar, transporting us to the Spanish soundscape. This lovely entertainment is supposed to happen regularly for Spanish/Italian food lovers as well as music fans.

Taste of Spain - Friday 23rd June

In the stylish dining area upstairs, there will be a full-scale flamenco show 'Taste of Spain' on Friday 23rd June, involving a dancer, a singer and a guitarist. It is going to be Opera Tavern’s first-ever proper flamenco show in which you’ll also enjoy their delightful tapas as well as sangria.

Sam Quy, an in-demand, Seville-trained flamenco dancer, will be accompanied by the singer Fernan de Tottenham and the guitarist Angus Cruickshank, while I’ll also join the team as a guest percussionist.

While the best time to visit there would be the above dates, the friendly staff of Opera Tavern will always welcome you with warm hospitality, providing delicious tapas and drinks to make your day. Reserve a table now to enjoy an unforgettable dining and cultural experience.

‘Sound of Spain’

‘Taste of Spain’

Opera Tavern


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