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The legacy of Sherrill and Spanish Dance - ‘Flamenco and More’

On 30th April, I was at Dance Attic to take a flamenco dance class with Gemma de la Cruz, who re-visited London for the bank holiday weekend. During a break I encountered a lovely lady in the class and we shared the sentiment that we still missed Sherrill Wexler Maron, who sadly passed away on 25th August last year. For us, the venue of Dance Attic is full of memories with Sherrill who used to organise Spanish Dance Society summer courses there.

Earlier, on 7th April, I was hoping to head for the Gable Centre of Central School of Ballet to see the tribute show to Sherrill, but unfortunately I could not go. As the show was filmed, I was looking forward to seeing it, and now it is finally available for those who have donated through Sherrill Wexler Memorial Fund.

(Photo montage with kind permission by Sherrill Wexler Memorial Fund)

The show was entitled ‘Flamenco and More’, honouring Sherrill’s passion for dance, especially Spanish. Her friends, colleagues, family and even a group of dancers from Malta came over to celebrate her life. The show, directed by Emma Flett, also featured the Flamenco Rock Company (ex-Elmhurst), Fenella Barker’s solo, and Sherrill’s gorgeous choreography of ‘Bolero’ performed by The Central School of Ballet students.

Even from the recording you can feel the emotional, touching, passionate atmosphere as well as how much she was adored and respected by everyone involved. Sharing our love for Spanish Dance, Sherrill’s legacy surely lives on.

Sherrill Wexler Memorial Fund

From this website:

  • From ‘Menu’, go to ‘Make A Donation’. The minimum cost is £10. Please do NOT Gift Aid on this occasion.

  • After making the donation, e-mail to: asking for the link to the film with your donation receipt.

  • Receive the link, you can enjoy the film.

  • Please do NOT share the film link itself. If you’d like to support the project, share the link of the memorial fund to encourage more donations. Thank you :)

All proceeds of the sale will go to: Pancreatic Cancer UK, Chai Cancer Care, The Central School of Ballet Hardship Fund.

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