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Gliding Joy to Global Joy - World Ice Skating Day

Starting from this year, the first Sunday of December has been given a new name: World Ice Skating Day. The International Skating Union, aka ISU, has launched it to celebrate the art and culture of ice skating, including speed skating, figure skating and synchronised skating, at the international level. Across the globe, we can not only appreciate the fascination of ice skating but also connect with each other through the related events.

Numerous local ice rinks in different towns and countries participate in the festivity, organising fun events with their own creative ideas, such as free skating classes, competitions to win a pair of skating boots, inclusive skating sessions, exhibitions by the best skaters from the regions, etc.

If going to a proper ice rink isn’t convenient for you, there are pop-up ice rinks in or near landmark venues. In London, for example, you can slip your feet in skating boots in Somerset House, Hyde Park, Canary Wharf, Westfield Sheperd’s Bush, etc.

Where To Go Ice Skating In London For Christmas 2022

Or, if you don’t feel like stepping onto the frozen surface in the wintery cold air, you could enjoy watching visual content in your warm, cosy house. You could obviously glue your eyes to ITV’s ‘Dancing On Ice’, but I’ll personally indulge in watching some of my favourite ice dancers and figure skaters on digital platforms... :)

Whatever style you choose, it’s a great opportunity to discover and rediscover the magic of ice skating. The joyous feel of gliding on ice will expand your horizons.

World Ice Skating Day


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