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World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day marks its 60th anniversary this year on 27th March. Initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the day has served theatre workers, artists, fans and students to celebrate the value and importance of theatres worldwide.

Overview World Theatre Day

ITI was founded in 1948, between the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the Cold War, by the first UNESCO Director General, Sir Julian Huxley, and the English playwright and novelist J.B. Priestly. World Theatre Day, therefore, has a strong connection to UNESCO’s educational goals on mutual understandings of cultures and the arts, through which we are expected to work towards world peace. It also encourages to improve the social status of the professions of the performing arts.

Helen Mirren talks about Theatre on World Theatre Day 2021

The day is celebrated not only in ITI centres across the globe but also in other venues and mediums, including digital. The official Online Celebration is available from the link below.

World Theatre Day Online Celebration, Sun 27th March

The best way to appreciate the power of theatrical arts would be to visit a local theatre to enjoy plays, musicals, dance performances etc., in the live setting. It’s also a good reminder for us to respect playwrights, directors, designers, engineers, actors, dancers, singers, musicians and all the theatre professionals. Thanks to their dedication to the art, we can share cultures and humanity in the inspiring atmosphere of the theatres.

What is your favourite theatre? I hope you feel like getting a ticket to see a wonderful production of your choice, in any theatre on any date of the year.

World Theatre Day Message 2022 by Peter Sellars


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